Why Trust the Dan Rogerson Clean Energy to Help You

Dan Rogerson Clean Energy is an electrical engineering company with extensive experience in the design and installation of Solar PV Power, Solar Hot Water, Heat Pump, and Wind Power systems, as well as advising and designing solutions to improve your energy efficiency. Dan Rogerson Clean Energy solutions and technologies specifically focus on reducing waste and energy-related costs, as well as reducing the impact on the environment.                             

  1. The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy consultants are experienced and knowledgeable in Solar Energy, will not pressure you just to get your money, and are only interested in helping you reduce your energy costs;

  2. The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy team comprise fully accredited solar experts and electrical engineers, and fully certified carbon footprint specialists to ensure the right solution is designed to your needs;

  3. The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy will only sell products of manufacturers who have a regional office and their own employees based in Australia, so they are local to support us to support you;
  4. The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy is the only company in Australia to have developed a computer program that will model your day and night energy consumption to accurately determine the optimum solar system size and design;       
  5. We have no hidden costs. The price we quote is the price you pay. No add-ons…..and definitely ‘no surprises’;