The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy specializes in large complicated solar systems, including the use of tilt frames, awkward solar array string layouts, tight roof configurations, as well as large commercial systems (30kW and above). The below images provide a very small sample from the thousands of systems completed.

Project Description: 30 kW

Description:30 kW installation on the industrial shed.
Solar Modules:Suntech 250W x 120
Inverter:3 x SMA TriPower 10000TL
Configuration:9 x String

Project Description: 10 kW

Description:10 kW installation on a high set residential home.
Solar Modules:Suntech 250W x 40
Inverter:2 x Sunnyroo 5kW SR5000TL
Configuration:4 x String, 2 x Strings per inverter

Project Description: 7 kW

Description:7 kW installation on a low-set residential home.
This 7kW system is estimated to slash the customer’s electricity bill by 170% p.a. This is based on their electricity consumption patterns during daylight and evening, and the quantity of electricity generated by the solar system that is exported back into the electricity grid.
Solar Modules:Suntech 250W x 28
Inverter:2 x Motech PV3300MS 3.8kW = 7.6 kW
Configuration:3 x String, 4 x Array Rows

Project Description: 4.5 kW

Description:4.5kW installation on East-West facing inclined roof requiring 25-degree tilt frame to ensure optimum panel angle to the sun.
Solar Modules:Suntech 250W x 18
Inverter:Motech PVMate 4600MS 5.2kW
Configuration:2 x String; each on seperate Flexible Power Point Tracker