Slash Your Energy Costs

Dan Rogerson Clean Energy is a 100% Australian owned company that is committed to discovering, developing, and installing systems and technologies that help people and companies slash their energy and carbon-related costs.

As an Electrical engineering company, the Dan Rogerson Clean Energy has the technical expertise to develop the best clean energy solutions to meet your needs and cut your costs. Encompassing a team of qualified electricians, accredited solar experts, and certified carbon accountants, we supply and install Renewable Energy Technologies as well as deliver carbon footprint and energy efficiency solutions.

The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy specialize in Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Power Optimisation, Energy Efficiency, as well as Carbon Measurement and Reduction.

The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy has a division focusing on residential clean energy solutions, and a division focusing on medium to large scale clean energy solutions, energy efficiency, power optimization, and carbon measurement and management for the business and government sector.

Solar Technology

The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy has one of the largest ranges of technologies and brands in Solar Power and Solar Hot Water. This is due to the fact that client applications can be diverse and specific brands and technologies can be more suited than others to deliver the best result for the customer’s application and budget.

The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy have tried and tested an extensive range of solar technologies and brands, and are extremely selective with the brands we trust and who we deal with. Importantly, the Dan Rogerson Clean Energy will only sell products from manufacturers that have a regional office and their own employees based in Australia. This is extremely important for warranty support, as these manufacturers have made an investment in an operation in this country, and are likely to be present for the long term to provide local warranty support.

IF THERE IS EVER A PROBLEM WITH YOUR SYSTEM DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD, IT IS OUR PROBLEM MORE THAN YOURS. Therefore, the Dan Rogerson Clean Energy take warranty support as extremely important. Warranty support by the manufacturer is often overlooked and taken for granted by the majority of solar installers and customers. There are going to be many customers left high and dry in years to come when their products fail and the manufacturer is not local to provide warranty support, and the customer has to deal directly with China. The
Dan Rogerson Clean Energy will not deal with manufacturers direct in China or Germany who do not have a local office and employees based in Australia, as we have learned from experience those companies not based here are not interested in providing warranty support, and much of what they say about their warranty is just lip service when selling their product range.

The range of technologies includes only the best brands and companies that provide the best support in the industry, so we can honor our promise of support and service to our customers. These brands include Suntech, Sun-Earth, Sharp, Sanyo Solar, Q-Cells, REC, SMA, Power-One Aurora, Xantrax, Dux, Hills, Apricus, and others.

Due to our buying power, we are extremely competitive on price, without any sacrifice to product and installation quality.
Dan Rogerson Clean Energy team members have extensive experience in the design and installation of Solar PV Power, Solar Hot Water, Heat Pump, and Wind Power systems, as well as advising and designing solutions to improve energy efficiency.
The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy specializes in complicated and large-scale solar installations, such as East-West Roof Tilt Frames, 30kW commercial installations, North and East Split String Systems, Commercial Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems, to name a few of many examples. Please view our Installation Gallery demonstrating some of the many specialized and complicated solar projects completed by the
Dan Rogerson Clean Energy.

Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency Solutions
Dan Rogerson Clean Energy’s certified carbon accountants and strategists utilize tested and proven proprietary systems to cost-effectively measure an organization’s carbon footprint and energy efficiency. Our consultants have extensive business senior management backgrounds that deliver a realistic approach to the implementation and management of carbon footprint strategy in line with the needs and culture of the organization, as well as the organization’s overall business strategy.
Dan Rogerson Clean Energy consultants are qualified and experienced in NGERs, GHG Protocol as well as ISO 14064-1 carbon emission measurement and reporting methodologies.

Systemized Processes Deliver Cost Effectiveness
The Dan Rogerson Clean Energy’s carbon footprint management system focuses specifically on cost-effective measurement, risk analysis, and management, waste and cost reduction, new opportunity identification, as well as the delivery of technology solutions to facilitate the right outcome.

We are a business based on knowledge. We are dedicated to improving performance through benchmarking, networking, and leading practice. As clean energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency technology and practices constantly evolve, we go to extra lengths to remain at the forefront of developments.

Brilliance in Customer Service
The core of our mission is to deliver brilliance in customer service, support, and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our reputation and extensive positive word-of-mouth referral.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. If there is anything we can do to guide and assist you, please feel free to contact us; as we are here to help.