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How To Fix Youtube Black Screen on Chrome Firefox [ Solved ]

How To Fix Youtube Black Screen on Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer for Android , Iphone , MAC and Windows – If your youtube wont play or work just black screen, you need not to worry, we have several methods which will let you get back on the track. I saw people often posting queries like “When I play YouTube videos, the YouTube not working in Black screen. What can I do?“. Once i decided to post fix for this, as i already knew many methods that could solve the crap. Therefore i have prepared this guide with fix for Youtube Black Screen. However we have listed a trick in which you can use VLC media player to browse youtube here.

Well this Youtube Black Screen error is quite annoying. You may have faced it on any of the Android, iphone, Windows or MAC device. Therefore, here we have posted solution for each device. Most of the major browsers have been facing this issue. So here we go with the solution for Youtube Black Screen on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  

How To Fix Youtube Black Screen

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What exactly is Youtube Black Screen error ?

While using youtube and watching videos , user gets a blank screen displayed instead of original video playback. You see just a black screen instead of video , but you can listen to the audio embed with the video. This audio does plays in the background. When you try to reload the video page , then too you see exactly the same. Same black screen with annoying audio playing in the background. With audio , i remember we have a list of free and best music downloader apps in case you need it. So coming back to the topic, i even tried restarting my computer but that too doesn’t solved the problem.

Cause of Youtube Black Screen error

Youtube uses HTML player and flash player for video playback. After some research i came to know that, this error is related to HTML player or flash player. Youtube has always been surrounded with errors related to its players. So i tried some ways to resolve the problem and then came to this conclusion.

Method to fix Error

Here is the step by step guide to fix the error. Try these steps to resolve the youtube black screen error :

For Google Chrome Users ::

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser
  2. Now just open ew tab in the browser and start typing same as indicated “Chrome://Flags” (with commas), in the address bar of the browser. Press Enter button .
  3. After this Press Ctrl+F to open the search bar . After search bar is opened , start typing “disable hardware-accelerated video decode” in the search popup.
  4.  Now after this find enable button in the page , just below the searched text. Hit the button.
  5.  Now hit the Relaunch Now button at the end to apply the setting and restart the chrome browser.

We have a guide listing best google chrome extensions , that might help you alot . Have a look at it and tell us your experience.

For Firefox Users :

  1. All treats ought to be erased from YouTube treats by opening the Firefox Tools, going to alternatives, going to Privacy, selecting Custom Settings starting from the dropdown box, and erasing YouTube cookies.
  2. Firefox equipment increasing speed ought to be debilitated by going to Options> Advanced>selecting the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ checkbox> Restarting the program.

For Internet Explorer :

  1. For clients who have this issue on their Mac gadget and on the off chance that they are utilizing the Firefox program then, logging out of YouTube can free them of their inconvenience.
  2. By and large moderate associations cause dark screen. Thus, the clients ought to get their web association checked.
  3. The given strides can likewise be striven for palatable outcomes. Go to Tools; get to Quick inclinations; alter Site Preferences; next snap Network Tab; go to Browser recognizable proof and distinguish as Firefox.
  4. Clearing of ‘Treats’, “History” and ‘Web Files’ has likewise been prescribed as aiding in disposing of the dark screen stacking.

The above guide was to settle the youtube black screen mistake on chrome. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are confronting this issue on any programs then you can without much of a stretch settle this by asking for HTML5 player on youtube. You can without much of a stretch demand the HTML5 player by from the connection : This will empower the HTML5 player and your issue will be settled effortlessly !!

Fix YouTube Black Screen Using HTML5 Player

In this way, above are the best techniques to settle youtube dark screen issue. I trust now you can without much of a stretch watch nation limited recordings on youtube with above techniques effortlessly. In the event that you are confronting any issue or know some other approach to dispose of this issue then simply remark it underneath. Bear in mind to impart this trap to your companions !!