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The Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall announced in May this year that 5 public enquiry offices in the Duchy, including ones in Bude and Launceston, are to be axed.

The closures happened in October and mean that members of the public can longer walk in to report crime or discuss other issues, and will leave the equivalent of one enquiry desk for every 133,000 people in Cornwall.

Across the whole of North Cornwall only one public enquiry office is to remain open in Bodmin, and this will only be manned from 9-5, Monday to Friday. 

Dan feels passionately that traditional policing values still need to exist so residents and communities in North Cornwall continue to feel safe and secure.

Please sign his petition below calling upon the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg to reverse his decision to close Police counters in Launceston and Bude. 

We the undersigned call on Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner to reverse his decision to close Bude and Launceston Police Station counters.

We have serious concerns that the closure of these stations' front desks will lead to a reduced reporting of serious crime and will harm relations between the police and local residents.


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    Sign the petition: Stop Police Desk Closures
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    I used the police desk at Bude last year after experiencing horrific domestic violence. I had no idea who to contact at the time, I knew nothing about the legal system or what help was available, I felt so alone and scared to act on admitting what was happening to me was wrong and the police desk at Bude was vital in helping me find the contacts and admit for the first time what was going on, after being held up at knifepoint by my husband. It would not have been safe for me to ring the 101 number as he monitored my phone and if it wasn’t for that first place that I could go and talk to real people I would not have taken action when I did. There are not the services in Bude to help people escape domestic violence now. It enabled me to make the first move in escaping. If I had not gone to the police desk that day I would certainly be dead by now. I am scared for other people in my situation, domestic violence does occur in Bude but who would people turn to now without any services available in Bude? Making the decision to escape domestic violence is almost as scary as living it, without anybody to turn to but a phone number to a national switchboard would make that decision even harder. Having a real person there to advise and help is vital, otherwise I fear people would fear to escape and deaths at the hands of abusers will rise. It is the first place you would think to turn to, but now where do we turn to? Bring back the police desk at Bude, it saved my life and it’s closure may risk other peoples lives!
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    Most definatly we needa police office where we can visit and talk to a responsible person. I am now 81 yearts of age and a war disabled persioner.
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    We are told that crime is being reduced. Police numbers are cut, Police Stations and counters are closed and as a result residents are unable to report crimes !.

    Instead of cutting Police numbers, get rid of the Political Police and crime Commissioner and all of his very large staff. Now that would be a financial saving to Devon & Cornwall.
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    This is a retrograde step!
  • signed 2014-11-28 06:07:36 +0000
    It is so important to keep Police counters in Bude and Launceston. Once they are gone, it we will never get them back. We need the support of the Police counters in our immediate area.
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    Non emergency number 121 is a JOKE and when and how do we lodge LOST PROPERTY if found?
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    Sign the petition: Stop Police Desk Closures
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