New route will solve Bude and Launceston bus worries – but concerns remain over Camelford connections

Dan has welcomed the changes to bus services between Bude, Launceston and Exeter announced this week - but is still concerned about the future of public transport links between Camelford and Launceston.

Stagecoach South West have confirmed that they will run a new 6/6A service between Bude, Launceston, Okehampton and Exeter when the current Western Greyhound 510 service stops running on 21st February.

The new 6 and 6A services will replace the X9 and X10 as well as 510 services, and will operate from Sunday 22nd February. New services will run from Bude to Exeter and from Launceston to Exeter, both via Okehampton – some will run from Bude to Exeter via Launceston.

Local MP Dan Rogerson welcomed the news that a vital public transport link will continue to operate between Launceston and Exeter, and that Bude will be getting back its bus service to Exeter on Sundays.

However, Mr Rogerson said that along with his Liberal Democrat colleagues on Cornwall Council he will continue to campaign for a replacement of 510 services between Wadebridge, Camelford, Davidstow, Hallworthy, Pipers Pool, Tregadillett and Launceston.

Dan said, “The new 6/6A service being run by Stagecoach will restore a much needed Sunday bus link between Bude, Stratton and Exeter St David’s station.

“I know that residents in Launceston will also be relieved that the town will still have a vital bus link between Okehampton and Exeter when the new Stagecoach services replace the 510 Western Greyhound route which stops operating on 21st February.

“However, we haven’t heard yet which services will replace the 510 between Launceston, Camelford and Wadebridge. I know that Cornwall Council are looking at all the possible options to make sure that residents who don’t have access to a car in Tregadillett, Pipers Pool, Hallworthy, Davidstow and other communities along the route aren’t left stranded.

“These bus services vital for local people needing get to school or work, to the shops, and to medical appointments in Camelford and Launceston. Ideally any new service will also allow people to catch connections in Launceston to get to the train station in Exeter or to get to Plymouth for hospital appointments at Derriford. Along with my colleagues on Cornwall Council, I will be continuing to do everything I can to secure bus services between Camelford and Launceston after 21st February.”

Adam Paynter, Cornwall Councillor for Launceston North added, “I am very concerned at a reduction in the number of buses serving an area as a big as Tregadillett. It’s important that the village keeps its public transport links into Launceston and further afield so that those who don’t have access to a car aren’t left isolated.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Camelford, Rob Rotchell commented, “I will be continuing to work with Dan Rogerson and with local residents retain vital bus links between Camelford, Davidstow, Hallworthy and Launceston. We have already seen the loss of many bus services to and from Camelford, and if 510 services aren’t replaced after 21st February this will have a devastating impact on local residents, particularly those in communities like Davidstow and Hallworthy.”

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