MP wants crackdown on nuisance calls

Dan has welcomed the publication of a Government action plan to tackle fraudulent and annoying calls.


The Government’s Nuisance Calls Action Plan, a task force run by consumer rights organisation Which?, has been looking at how companies obtain and use personal information, and at what can be done to crack down on nuisance calls and texts.

The task force is recommending 15 steps that the government, regulators and the industry could take to help with the problem, including making it easier for offending companies to be fined up to half a million pounds.

Holding company board directors responsible for nuisance calls and giving more powers to the industry regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office, have also been suggested by the task force.

Dan wants to see more done to protect people from nuisance calls and messages and has been running a survey to assess the scale of the problem in North Cornwall.

Dan Rogerson said, For some people these calls are a nuisance, but for vulnerable residents they can be a menace that put people at risk of scams and fraud just as much as a crook or a pushy salesman turning up at their door. That’s why I have been campaigning for action to protect people from unwanted and unscrupulous callers

“Hundreds of people in North Cornwall took my nuisance calls survey earlier in the year, complaining of being pestered by the likes of unwanted marketing calls, silent and abandoned calls, spam texts and recorded messages day in and day out.

“I submitted the findings of my survey to the Nuisance Calls Task Force and I am glad they took the experiences and concerns of people in our area, and across the country, on board.

“I will be looking carefully at the Nuisance Calls Task Force’s recommendations, such as increasing fines, making company directors responsible and stopping companies selling on customer details, and will be discussing them with government ministers to see what action can be taken to crack down on nuisance communications.”

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