Local MP awarded top election job

North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson will be the Liberal Democrats' lead spokesman on the Environment, Food and Rural Affaird leader Nick Clegg announced today.

Mr Clegg unveiled a Liberal Democrat ‘General Election Cabinet’ team of lead spokespeople.

Dan Rogerson will be responsible for developing the party’s platform for a stronger rural economy, for a fair deal for the food and farming industries, and to safeguard the environment if the Lib Dems form the next government.

Commenting, Dan said “From introducing the Groceries Code Adjudicator to defend farmers and producers from abuse from large supermarkets to planting a million trees and protecting our forests by blocking of plans to sell them, Liberal Democrats in Coalition Government are delivering on our long held campaigns to protect our environment and build a stronger rural economy. This hasn’t always been easy, especially given the often profound disagreements between Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives on environmental issues.

“In addition to our record of action over the past five years, there is more that we want to do. That’s why we are committed to introducing five green laws in the next Parliament. The Lib Dem ‘Green Britain Guarantee’ puts the environment at the heart of our thinking and will guarantee a permanently greener Britain.”

The party’s Green Britain Guarantee will introduce a Nature Act to safeguard wildlife, protect our forests from privatisation and to set legal targets for biodiversity, clean air and rivers. A Zero Waste Britain Act will reduce waste and end landfill, whilst a Heating and Energy Efficiency Act is designed to help insulate homes and cut energy bills. A Green Transport Act and a Zero Carbon Britain Act make up the rest of the ‘five green laws’ the party wants to see introduced after May’s General Election.

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