Give working parents in Cornwall more help with childcare – Shirley Williams

Former Education Secretary, co-founder of the Social Democrat Party and former Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, Baroness Shirley Williams, joined the election trail in Cornwall this week.


Baroness Williams visited Bodmin Pre-School on Tuesday (21st April) as part of Dan Rogerson’s re-election campaign.

The well-known broadcaster toured the facilities at the pre-school and discussed how Liberal Democrat plans to extend free childcare would benefit both working parents and would offer early education for local children.

Baroness Shirley Williams said:

“I commend the manager, Louise Pay, and her team of staff at this well-run and happy nursery school. There is likely to be a big increase in demand, she said, given the additional funding the Lib Dems in Coalition have made available for up to 15 hours a week of free early-years education.

“This is a huge boon for parents, especially where both of them work, and is also very good for introducing young children to the social skills they will need in life.

“I congratulate Dan Rogerson for the outstanding work he has done for the people of North Cornwall, particularly when it comes to getting investment for local schools and education services.”

Dan Rogerson commented:

“It was a pleasure to welcome Shirley to Bodmin today. She is a renowned campaigner on education issues and is well respected across the political divide. It was a fantastic opportunity to show Shirley Williams the facilities on offer at Bodmin Pre-School, which I attended as a child and which my three children have also attended more recently.

“In Coalition Government Liberal Democrats have made dramatic improvements to childcare by extending free childcare for three and four-year olds to 15 hours a week and introducing it for 40% of two-year olds. But if I am re-elected as North Cornwall’s MP I want to go much further, to meet the ambitious Lib Dem goal of 20 hours of free childcare a week for all two to four-year olds and all children of working parents from nine months.”

More information about the Liberal Democrats plans to increase free childcare is available at 

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