Dan Rogerson is a strong voice that North Cornwall cannot afford to lose, warn Paul Tyler and John Pardoe

Dan Rogerson is a strong voice that North Cornwall cannot afford to lose, write former local Liberal MPs Paul Tyler and John Pardoe.


Left to right: John Pardoe, Dan Rogerson and Lord Paul Tyler

Here in Cornwall Liberal MPs have always stood up for this area first, making sure that Cornish voices are heard, when Labour and Conservative governments alike seem neither to know nor care about life here.  That's why North Cornwall has elected Liberals through thick and thin, irrespective of the scaremongering of the other parties.

We used to be told that we were a "wasted vote" and that a "hung parliament" would bring the nation to its knees.  People here now know that a Liberal Democrat vote is the most powerful of all, and that our influence in Parliament stops the wild left or rabid right from ruining our economy or favouring the very rich at the expense of everyone else.   Neither of the other parties is on course to win this election, so only Liberal Democrat MPs can prevent the extremists from putting at risk the full economic recovery we need. 

As former MPs for North Cornwall we believe that Dan Rogerson has continued that tradition of faithful service, and has proved be the strong voice this constituency cannot afford to lose.  He stands up for the people of this area every day of every year - BUT he can only do this with your support.  Please be sure to vote on Thursday and keep Dan working for you.

John Pardoe (Liberal MP for North Cornwall, 1966 – 1979)

Lord (Paul) Tyler (Liberal Democrat MP for North Cornwall, 1992 – 2005)



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