Conservatives must act to save Launceston police station facilities - Dan

Lib Dem Rural Affairs Minister and Parliamentary candidate for North Cornwall Dan Rogerson has urged the Conservatives to prevent the closure of custody facilities at Launceston police station.


Dan Rogerson called on the Conservatives to stop a decline in rural policing by blocking proposals to close custody suite facilities in Launceston. It follows a campaign visit to North Cornwall this week by Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May who appeared to refuse to rule out the closure.

Launceston Police Station acts as the central custody suite covering a wide area, as well as a base for training, meetings and large operations. Local police time would be spent taking people to other custody centres in Newquay or Plymouth if the facilities at Launceston are closed.

The Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner has responsibility for setting the overall strategy for the force through his annual policing and crime plan. Dan Rogerson wants the Commissioner to use his powers to save facilities and services at Launceston Police station.

Dan Rogerson said:

“When the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner chose to close the public enquiry desk at Launceston Police Station last year, we were told that other facilities at the station weren’t under threat.

“I am deeply concerned that the closure of these facilities would be a loss for Launceston and could also mean that valuable police time is spent transporting people to other custody suites miles away from north and east Cornwall.

“The Police and Crime Commissioner must use his powers over policing strategy and the annual policing and crime plan to protect facilities at Launceston police station - but he seems unwilling to do so. Now the Home Secretary and the Conservatives have failed to oppose the closure of the custody suite at Launceston too.

“Local people will want to know why the Conservatives won’t stand up to their own Police and Crime Commissioner or fight to protect vital police facilities in North Cornwall. Along with my Lib Dem colleagues on Cornwall Council I will continue to fight to protect police facilities across North Cornwall.”

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