Channel 4 News highlights work on mental health

Last week Channel 4 showed a short programme to highlight the unequal treatment that many people continue to experience in accessing mental health support, and how mental health services always lose out locally in allocating funding. 

In the programme we hear some incredibly moving individual stories about people's experience of mental health problems. 

In government, the Liberal Democrats have been determined to tackle mental health stigma and ensure people can access the help and support they need. This is why we are introducing the first ever waiting time standards next year - which charities have described as a watershed moment. 

But there is still more to do. That's why we are pledging an extra £1billion a year for the NHS in the next parliament, with half a billion dedicated to improving mental health care. 

I believe mental health should not be ignored or stigmatised. It should be taken as seriously as physical health. 


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