About Felker tile saw

The Felker tile saw is a product from of the Granite City Tool company. It was made specifically as a tile cutter, which would cut tile of all sizes. This saw is both a dry and wet tile saw and are used often in a professional environment.

felker tile saw

The main benefit of using the Felker is that the tile tools are portable. They are extremely lightweight, which makes it much easier for people to carry them around a job site. The tile saw can handle tile flooring that is 13 inches both wide and long, which can cover most jobs, especially when the motor is able to handle wet conditions.

It is not just tile that the saw is able to handle as it can also cut through stoned flooring. This is the Master Professional version that is able to handle the two different types of flooring and there are two different models to the series. However, the two series are not as lightweight as its smaller counterparts but this is made up for by being able to cut as deep as 3 ¾”, rather than the ¾” or 1 ¼” depths that the original versions are capable of.

The Master XL versions of the Felker saw have blade shaft locks. These make it much easier and safer to be able to remove and replace any blades. There are also guards that tilt up to help protect the components during use. These are lighter versions of the popular professional versions and still cut just as deep. The capacity is just as long too but you are looking at paying a lot more money for the safety features.

The final type of Felker tile saw is the X3 Plus reviewed by Band Saw Report, which has a Baldor motor. It has a higher torque than any of the others. The blades comes with a water pump to help protect it and still cuts just as deep as the other higher end saws. The saw is a little heavier, which is why you can buy a stand with it. This stand has wheels to make it easier to move around your site or just around your home.

There are many different types of Felker tile saws to choose from and it is very important that you look at all of the features and also consider what you are going to need. If you are looking at something for a hobby then you are less likely going to need the higher end versions and you may end up over spending.

Adjusting your Husky Tile Saw Blade Easily and Safely

Just like most tile saws, the Husky tile saw is a wet saw, which makes it extremely beneficial when it comes to working out on the job sites. However, a tile wet saw also means that water is being pumped through the system to keep the blade cool and prevent any extra damage to it. The water also prevents it from throwing around a lot of splinters and dust. This also helps with the precision and neatness of the cutting tile flooring.

The benefit of this tile cutter is that it does not just cut tile, but also works on other materials including marble and stone. However, depending on what you are during, there are times when your saw will need to be adjusted. When it comes to this, it’s very important to know how to do it efficiently and safely.


Of course, there are a number of different types of Husky tile saws around and they each have different mechanisms to change a component. This is why most of the time it’s best to read the instructions. However, instructions do get lost. Many of the Husky variety of tile saws do have a common way to changing out a component. The main differences will be the type of guards that you need to look for.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is take off the sliding tray from the rail and then turn it over. You will now be able to see a knob just underneath the right hand side; this needs to be loosened. The blades of the wet saws do extend back through the saw, so it’s very important to be careful and do this part slowly. You’ll need to adjust it so it’s at the right angle for a miter cut. You’ll then need to adjust the tray too.

From here, you’ll need to ensure that the knob for the miter cut is loosened. This will be right at the back of the tile saw. You will need to twist it so that the angle is the exact same as that of the tray’s angle. Your Husky tile saw will only be able to go up to a 45 degree cutting angle.

Now you can pop the tray back onto the rails and put the tile that you were cutting back on. You will need to adjust where the tile sits to ensure that it cuts exactly where you want to. You need to make sure that the water is still pumping through correctly and then slowly put the tray back into place.