Review of the Logitech HD Pro c920 Webcam

In this review, I will be covering every single aspect of the Logitech HD Pro c920. I have an extensive field test of the camera on my Mac in the video. I have also included an overview of the features and my recommendation for various applications. I hope this review can help you decide whether or not to purchase the Logitech c920.

I do a series of field tests and demonstrations of the c920. I did the testing on my Mac so if you are a PC user, see the video below for a good overview of the PC software and capabilities. In this video I will demonstrate:

  • c920 Camera physical design
  • Video Quality Control on Mac
  • Microphone test and comparison
  • Various Lighting conditions
  • Skype Calling

For daylight light quality, pay attention to the Video Quality section at the beginning.  Though I explain the reason for the low frame rate, the quality of the image is still evident. I suggest setting the video on 1080 full-hd to see the full quality of the camera image. You may have to pause it and let it load for a few minutes first. The sections of the demonstration that have a smaller video window were recorded on the MacBook Pro built-in iSight. I left these sections at their original size to offer a comparison to the Logitech’s HD resolution.

The Logitech c920, in my opinion, is a good camera for certain applications, but not for every application. For the hobbyist YouTube video maker or video blogger, this is a good camera.  For video chatting for personal use, it is a great camera.  However, I would NOT recommend this for a one-stop-shop for video and audio.

Where audio is important, I would NOT recommend this as a one-stop-shop.  For applications where multiple heavy ram programs need to be run, I would not recommend this camera for HD.    Even though the camera boasts the h.264 compression technology, there was still some frame rate issues when the computer was running at full capacity.  Having said that, this is not likely normal use so I would not see this as a deterrent.


  • Great image quality in HD
  • Great versatile design
  • Works seamlessly with Mac and PC


  • Microphone is not great
  • Some may see this camera as overpriced
  • Does not come with comparable Mac software package
I would give the camera a 4 out of 5.  A great stand-alone product for the hobbits.  I believe it makes a great camera if you have a secondary microphone to use with it.  For the right application, I would recommend this camera without hesitation.


After the success of Genpro X, this time the sub-brand smartphone from Evercoss is continuing its competition against the onslaught of cheap smartphones from China by launching a new smartphone named Genpo Z. So what are the advantages of this Genpro Z.

Apparently Genpro Mobile is quite keen in seeing the development of the smartphone market today, where they bring Genpro Z with features that are currently becoming a trend. Unlike the Genpro X which still carries the back cover of plastic, Genpro Z is already using a premium full metal body. For color choices there are sliver, black, and pink gold. At the front there is a home button that also functions as a fingerprint sensor.

One of the main selling points of this smartphone is comes with a dual-camera setup behind the 13MP + 2MP resolution. Genpro claims if the dual-camera setup on this smartphone is capable of producing high-quality photos with high color sharpness, as well as real-time bokeh effects. As for selfie there is a 13MP camera on the front that comes with LED flash.

Genpro Z is also the largest smartphone compared to Genpro X and Genpro X Pro, where this smartphone has a 5.5 inch wide screen resolution Full HD 1080 × 1920 pixels. As for the kitchen pacunya this time Genpro Z comes with a MediaTek chipset that has CPU octa-core 1.5GHz. Interestingly, this smartphone has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage that can still be expanded up to 128GB.

Genpro Z comes with an Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and has a 3000mAh battery capacity. Interestingly, Genpro Mobile promises Android 8.0 Oreo update for smartphones that will be present in two to three months. Of course this becomes an important point, given that there are still few local smartphone manufacturers that promise the latest Android OS update.

For availability, Genpro Z will be sold with a flash sale system on 17 October. As for the price, this smartphone is worth $ 170 for flash sale. As for the normal price of $ 210.