Britain must work with the EU to tackle cross-border crime

MP for North Cornwall, Dan Rogerson, has voted to keep Britain in the European Arrest Warrant scheme.

In the House of Commons on Wednesday, 19th December, Dan voted to allow British police to continue to work with other European police forces to tackle cross-border crime and terrorist activity.

The issue of whether the UK should co-operate with other EU countries on several justice and policing measures has been the subject of lengthy negotiations within Coalition Government. The Government has to decide which EU measures to join by 1st December 2014.

The vote in the House of Commons saw a majority of MPs agreeing that the UK will continue to be part of 35 measures that are important in tackling cross-border crime, including the European Arrest Warrant so that criminals stand trial for their crimes in the country where those crimes were committed.

Dan said that he supported further reform of the Arrest Warrant to make sure that it works better, but believes that to scrap the Warrant altogether in the way that Conservatives have been calling for would be entirely self-defeating and would rob British Police of crucial tools to work with other European police forces to bring murderers, terrorists and paedophiles back to justice as quickly as possible when they flee abroad.

A former head of MI5, two former Metropolitan Police Commissioners, a former head of the Serious Organised Crime Agency and many others have said that they believe UK should remain in these key measures for combating international crime.

Commenting, Dan said: “There is no doubt that European police cooperation has helped in terms of improving national security and boosting public safety. Before the European Arrest Warrant, it took on average a whole year to return a criminal to the country where they committed their crime. Thanks to the Arrest Warrant, the average is now just 16 days and often much faster. It is disappointing that Conservative MPs want to put all this just because the Arrest Warrant has ‘Europe’ in the title.”

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