Bring tax office jobs back to North Cornwall – Dan Rogerson

Local Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson is calling for more money to be invested to tackle tax evasion and for HMRC tax office jobs to be brought back to North Cornwall.

Dan Rogerson worked with local councillors, trade unions and the Launceston Chamber of Commerce to try and save Launceston tax office from closure back in 2008. Despite a well-supported campaign and petition which Dan presented to the House of Commons, the last government refused to intervene leading to the closure of the office with the loss of 60 tax compliance officer jobs.


Whilst progress had been made since then to clamp down on tax evasion and to collect more tax, the MP for North Cornwall says that more still needs to be done.

Since 2010, the Government has invested nearly £1 billion in Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to increase the number of staff working to tackle tax evasion by 2,500.  As a result, between 2010/11 and March 2015, HMRC will have collected more than £2.4 trillion in tax revenues for the UK, including more than £100 billion in additional compliance revenues.

In addition, over 40 tax law changes have been made to bring in more revenue. For example, £2 billion in previously unpaid tax has been brought in as a result of new tax agreements with Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The Government’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, is drawing up plans to invest more money in HM Revenue and Customs to allow them tackle tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance, as part of the Liberal Democrat plan to eliminate the deficit and balance the books in a fair way.

Dan Rogerson said that he wanted to see this extra investment in HMRC, and would be pushing for any new tax compliance jobs to be based in North Cornwall.

Dan said:

“People across Cornwall and the country have been shocked at the latest revelations at aggressive tax avoidance at HSBC. Whilst the Coalition Government has been taking action - making 42 changes to tax law, closing down loopholes and making strategic changes to deter and prevent tax avoidance – we must continue to clamp down on tax dodging.

“As we draw up plans to invest more in HM Revenue and Customs to allow them to catch tax cheats and bring in more revenue, I will be pushing for any new jobs created to be brought to North Cornwall to replace the high-quality tax compliance posts that were lost when Launceston tax office was closed in 2008.

“Investing more money in HM Revenue and Customs and employing new staff will help them make sure that the minority of very wealthy and big corporations who don’t play by the rules are made to pay their fair share in tax. This is vital if we are to continue to reduce the deficit and fund vital public services in a fair way.”

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