Let the Affordable Homes Bill be debated in Parliament

Can you help me to make much-needed changes to the under-occupancy charge (or ‘bedroom tax’)?

The Affordable Homes Bill is being put forward in Parliament by Cornish Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George. If it becomes law, it will promote more affordable housing schemes for local people, as well as bringing in crucial exemptions to the under-occupancy charge for vulnerable people, the disabled, those who cannot find a smaller home to move in to, and for families who have lived in their home for more than three years.

Despite a majority of MPs supporting these Lib Dem plans in Parliament back in September, the legislation has been deliberately blocked by the Conservatives.

The Affordable Homes Bill cannot continue to be debated in Parliament or become law until a procedural ‘money resolution’ motion is put forward in Parliament. However, the Conservatives won't agree to a money resolution.

If a money resolution is granted by the end of January, there will still be time for Parliament to get this legislation through before the General Election in May 2015.

Please sign the petition to urge David Cameron and the Conservatives to let the Affordable Homes Bill continue to be debated, so that exemptions to the under-occupancy charge can pass into law.

Thank you for your support.

Dan Rogerson MP

Will you sign?

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