About our Party

A Liberal Democrat North Cornwall 

As well as having the excellent Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson, Liberal Democrats in North Cornwall make up 16 of the 21 councillors elected to represent the people of North Cornwall.

This is because Liberal Democrats in North Cornwall work tirelessly to ensure that local communities have their voices heard. They fight to make sure a stronger economy in a fairer society exists, one in which everyone is given the opportunity to succeed in life. 

The Liberal Democrats have held the North Cornwall parliamentary constituency since 1992, when the seat was won from the Conservative party by Paul Tyler.

During his time Paul led a campaign to uncover the truth behind the Lowermoor Water Poisoning incident, which occurred shortly before the Conservative Party privatised the water industry. Paul also worked to ensure that rules which prevented the St Piran's flag flying without permission could be ignored by local Councils. Something close to the hearts of many Cornish people. 

The North Cornwall Liberal Democrats are a growing local party, and in the past year have seen membership increase by 25%. However, you do not need to be a party member to be able to help both Dan and your local Councillors fight for local people. For more information please click here.  

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