Local MP renews call to crack down on second home voting

Dan Rogerson, MP for North Cornwall, has renewed calls for tougher action to be taken on second home owners voting in elections in Cornwall.

During a House of Commons debate on voter registration on Monday Mr Rogerson reiterated his suggestion that those who do not ordinarily live in a community should not be allowed to vote there in elections.

The Liberal Democrat MP urged the government ensure that local council officers had powers to check whether second home owners were eligible to vote in elections in Cornwall, and to make sure they weren’t voting more than once in different places.

Dan also paid tribute to local campaigner Angus Lamond who he has worked with to make sure second home owners are not unduly influencing local elections.

Commenting, Mr Rogerson said:

 “As a general principle it ought to be the people who live in the community who get to vote, not those who spend a few weekends or a few weeks in the summer in their properties and who are in no way resident in the community.

“I am continuing to urge ministers to do all they can to provide local electoral registration officers with the tools they need to check that only those who are resident in the community are eligible to vote.

“Councils also need to ensure that second home voters aren’t voting in more than one place at the same time.”