MP calls for more power to Cornwall

North Cornwall’s MP Dan Rogerson will today (Tuesday) introduce a new bill to take power from Whitehall and unelected regional quangos and pass it to the new Cornwall Council. This would transfer the new Council into an Assembly along the lines of that in Wales.

The Bill would provide Cornwall for greater responsibility in areas such as agriculture, heritage, education, housing and economic sustainability.

The Government of Cornwall Bill will be presented on the 14th July.

Commenting, Dan Rogerson MP said:

“I believe strongly that Cornwall should re-assert its rightful place within the United Kingdom. Cornwall is a unique part of the country, and this should be reflected in the way that it is governed. We should have the right to determine areas of policy that affect the people of Cornwall the hardest, such as rules on housing.

The Government of Cornwall Bill will give me the opportunity to demonstrate to the House of Commons that there is a political and social will for Cornwall to be recognised as its own nation. Constitutionally, Cornwall has the right to a level of self-Government. If the Government is going to recognise the right of Scotland and Wales to greater self-determination because of their unique cultural and political positions, then they should recognise ours.”


A copy of the Government of Cornwall bill is available: Government of Cornwall Bill.